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Arduino Starter Kit

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Get more with Avian products


From our printed circuit boards to our connectors and integrated chips, The Avian Company uses the finest quality materials the market has to offer.


The Avian Company thinks steps ahead. Our products are designed to to give you options; from professional engineers to amateur creators. We aim to give you more so you can do more.


Not only do Avian products allow for expansive capabilities, but come with top-shelf aesthetic appeal. You will enjoy showing off your projects with zest.


Our products are designed and supported to give you as many options as possible while protecting you from those inevitable mistakes! Get up and going fast with ready made libraries.

Our mission is to progress the electronics industry to higher levels. The Avian Company believes that what you build matters. Every moment that you spend behind a desk in the office, or tinkering on a project in a garage has the potential to lead to major technological advancements.

Avian Company products are meant to supplement the creative and ingenious minds of our time. You'll find that our products minimizes waste and fills voids with components and features that allow for further functionality for less, all while maintaining the highest of quality and aesthetics.


Supreme Quality.
Infinite Possibilities.


Just getting started? Learn with our starter kits.

The Avian Company Starter Kit provides the tools for extensive learning outcomes, giving students a strong understanding of basic engineering concepts through fun projects that create a collaborative learning environment. Students are able to connect what they learn with real-world industries, are encouraged to think critically, and improve their depth of knowledge by learning through experimentation. Ideal for advanced high school and college students.

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