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Research & Development Services

Businesses and individuals across a range of industries hire us to design and engineer their products. IP rated enclosures, design for MIL-STD testing. Product R&D Company. Product Design. We also offer LabVIEW data acquisition Systems Integration services. 

Repair Services

Your company has invested a lot in their printed circuit boards (PCBs), so they probably don’t want to pay for new ones every time a circuit board goes bad. Circuit board repair is the solution, but it’s essential to work with experts who have worked with a variety of PCB issues and have the experience needed to handle any problem. The Avian Company has exactly what your company needs with our excellent PCB repair services. 

Sales Support 

Assistance with your order.

Reach out to us through our support center if you have any questions related to orders, pricing or shipping.

Here are the inquiries we reply to the same day (weekdays)*:

  • Inquire about your orders or payment methods.

  • Ask for a follow up concerning your shipments.

  • Verify product stock and availability.

  • Return products.

  • Submit a request for repairs, exchanges or warranty issues.

  • Request quotes or special orders.

  • Get assistance with your account.

* You will receive a copy of all communications by email.

Technical Support

Do you need technical help?

In order to better serve you, technical questions are answered by our technical support team.

Email our customer service center to receive:

  • Technical support for The Avian Company products.

  • Get help selecting the correct technology for your project.

* To learn more, head over to the FAQ database or read our Use Conditions.

Customer Service

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4 PM PST


Lakewood, CA 90713


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