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About Us

The Avian Company was founded in 2021 by Aerospace and Electronics Engineer, Brandon Cavanaugh. Brandon has long been a visionary that became inspired during a time of great distress. Seeing opportunity he began with a simple aim to tap into the politically engaged market and offer unique products geared to engage learners and give pros the utmost options with our meticulous design planning and testing. Without stepping on traditions. Ultimately delivering aesthetics and prowess to neglected niche areas within the electronics community and aerospace field. Our story is just beginning as we start by offering you our new adaptive Arduino design line. There is much more in store for Avian but until then there is something in store for you now! So check out our product page and engage yourself in something that will change your life forever.

The Avian Company recognizes the prowess of traditional American engineering, renowned for its dedication to precision, craftmanship, and advancement. We strive to emulate the quality and ingenuity of our nation's past with new direction and be a force of good against evil.

The Avian Company headquarters is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA.

Avian Garage Photo.jpg

We aim to deliver quality products to a demanding market in a creative way. Without trampling on tradition. We believe in a future where many of you will be a shining representation of what the future can behold. We bring our hearts and minds into our design process to ensure that you will shine the brightest and outperform the rest with Avian products. We aim to help you become a shining beacon of performance with what ever it is you are doing. Because what you build matters, and why you build it, even more.


Our Oath

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