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​This breadboard comes with the standard power outputs and much more for your prototyping needs. All you're basic needs in one easy to use device that includes a voltmeter, continuity tester, and variable supply output.​

  • Supply Module fit for the MB-102 Breadboard

  • Input Voltage : DC 6.5-12V; Output Voltage : DC 3.3V 5V

  • Package Content : 1 x JBtek Breadboard Power Supply Module

  • Output Current: 5V @ 1A(Max), 3.3V @ 1A(Max, dependent on 5V), Adjustable Voltage (1.15V - (Vin-0.6V)) @ 1A(Max)

  • Total Size : 51 x 53 x 19mm/2" x  2.1" x 0.75"  (L*W*H)

Technical Details

3V/5V Output MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module Board - Overview

  • The Breadboard power supply has 3.3V/5V/AdjustableV selectable output on two channels. The selection of the output voltage is independent on each channel and the user can select the output voltage by simply using the slider switches separately.

  • In addition to standard and variable voltage outputs this board features a useful continuity checking circuit and voltmeter that are accessible through a 2 pin header that turns M-M jumpers into probes.

  • The Voltmeter has a selectable function to view the output voltage of the adjustable power supply and to view the voltage at the probe pins.

  • The Probes are set up on a slide switch that makes it easy to switch between the voltmeter and the continuity circuit at the probes.

  • At the input section, a DC barrel socket, USB-A socket and USB Micro is available. The power jack is the recommended method to power up the module. The micro USB and USB-A jack are to power up an external board from the supply and or to connect USB lines to the breakout pins that can be accessed on the board behind the USB-A jack. There is no ON-OFF switch available on this version and remains on when plugged in. There is an LED status indicator for the power-on. Use a 6.5-12VDC power supply for powering up the module.

​​Interfacing Diagram

  • This design allows you to access all pins on the Beadboard not sacrificing any space for the use of the module while still keeping a compact sleek package.

  • The interfacing of the 3.3V/5V output MB102 Breadboard power supply module is quite easy. Place the board in a breadboard like the below image. Then plug the board in by the DC power jack. If everything is ok, the power LED will lit up. Configure the output and functionality of this multi-tool by changing the slide switches.


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