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Our Arduino starter kit is one of the best options out there to get you started in electronics hardware and software. It aims to match you with stepped learning materials similar to a college curriculum to ensure you have what you need to learn and understand the fundamentals before proceeding into system implementation with the UNO Scout Microcontroller. You can start with the basics using the number of integrated chip circuits that are provided so you can assemble and learn about digital logic and design. During which and moving forward you will be able to take advantage of our Breadboard Power Supply Multi-Tool that features a voltmeter & continuity checker along with its selectable 3.3V, 5V and adjustable power supply outputs. You can then move forward on the very functional and cross platform compatible UNO Scout Microcontroller that features the quick connect I2C environment accessed on the 4-pin JST-SH 1.00MM connector.


The Arduino Starter Kit starts you off with a platform that truly provides you with options for prototyping and testing with the materials needed to have a stepped learning experience reflecting a college curriculum approach for a competitive price. But that's not to say we cut corners! On the contrary we strive to eliminate inefficiencies by filling voids and giving you more for your money, as you will notice we do not hold back on the functionality of our modules and usage of our board space to give you the most options all while wrapping it together with an aesthetic appeal, because ultimately what you build matters and why you build it even more! So unlock your true potential and ascend with Avian while supporting Americans First today! 


  • 100% compatible with Arduino software, sensors and codes.

  • Provides an efficient sequential way to learn electronics and programming with Arduino.

  • The modules are pre-soldered, so they are easy to wire up.

Made in USA

Technical Details

Parts List

  • UNO Scout Controller Board x 1

  • UNO Protoshield x 1

  • Breadboard Power Supply Multi-Tool x 1

  • Low Power 1 CH Relay x 1

  • LCD Backpack x 1

  • LCD1602 Module ( with pin header) x 1

  • Joystick Module x 1

  • IR Receiver x 1

  • Servo Motor (SG90) x 1

  • Stepper Motor x 1

  • ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board x 1

  • DC Motor with Fan x 1

  • Ultrasonic Range Sensor x 1

  • DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module x 1

  • 65 Jumper Wire x 1

  • 140 Preformed Breadboard Wire kit x 1

  • USB Cable x 1

  • M-M 10mm JST-SH 1.0mm Crossover Cable x 1

  • Active Buzzer x 1

  • Passive Buzzer x 1

  • Rotary Encoder x 1

  • Breadboard 830 Tie Points x 1

  • Infrared slim Remote with receiver module x 1

  • Infrared Laser and Receiver Module x 1

  • Tactile button switch (small) x 5

  • 1 digit 7-segment Display x 1

  • 4 digit 7-segment Display x 1

  • White LED x 5

  • Yellow LED x 5

  • Blue LED x 5

  • Green LED x 5

  • Red LED x 5

  • Photoresistor x 2

  • NPN Transistor (PN2222) x 2

  • Resistor (100,330) x 10 ea + (1K 10K,100K,1M) x 5 ea = 40 

  • Potentiometer x 1

  • Capacitor 0.1 uF x 1

  • Capacitor 10 uF x 1

  • Female-to-male Dupont Wire x 10

  • IC 8-bit Shift Register 74HC595 x 1

  • IC Dual Pos-Edge-Trig J-K Flip-Flop 74HC112N x 2

  • IC Single Precision Timer NE555P x 1

  • IC Quad NAND Gate 74AHCT00N x 2

  • IC 7 Segment Decoder SN74LS90N x 1

  • IC Dual Operational Amplifier LM358P x 1

  • IC Quad Half-H Drivers L293D x 1


The UNO Scout might require a driver installation on your system to be recognized. Find those drivers below or see the UNO Scout resource page for more information

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